TOWBARS -Life Time Guarantee


Manufacturers Lifetime
Replacement Guarantee

Towbar Express is pleased to guarantee your towbar
against all manufacturing faults for the lifetime
the original purchaser owns it.

The conditions being:
You have not exceeded the towbars rated capacity.
It is used for on road towing only.
You are the original owner and have proof of purchase.
That no modifications are made to the towbar,
tongue or rating label.
The no modifications have been made to the vehicle,
such as lowered suspension or low profile tyres.
That the rating label is on the towbar.

What happens if you need to claim?
Contact Towbar Express by phone, fax, letter or email.
We will issue you a claim number and arrange for
you to visit us or an authorised Towbar Express agent
if outside of Christchurch.

Authority will then be given for your vehicle to be
inspected and subject to final approval your towbar
will be replaced or repaired to settle the claim.

Please note: This Lifetime guarantee is in addition
to any statutory law which may also might apply.
The Lifetime Guarantee is not transferable.

Lifetime Guarantee does not apply to
Chrome tongues
(as they require regular cleaning and maintenance)

Things that will void your Guarantee
Over loading of any kind and including bikes, tree
stump removal, vehicle recovery and being tied down
to a trailer or ferry/ship.

Car Manufacturers Special Conditions
Some car manufacturers have special conditions when
installing a towbar.
For example some Holden models require an oil cooler
to be fitted to the gear box for towbars of a
particular load rating.

It is up to the individual purchaser to learn their
requirements and conform to those specifications.

Commercial use
When using a towbar for commercial purposes it is
important to check the towbar and fittings on a six
monthly basis. Check for worn tow balls, bolts and
any bending or cracking.

Special Notes
Bikes should not exceed the tongue load and if more
than 2 bikes are carried at any one time a support
strap should be fitted forward to help stabilize the load.